Getting ISO 14001 Certified-ISO 9001 San Francisco CA-ISO PROS#18

Getting ISO 14001 Certified in San Francisco, California (CA)

The standard aims to provide organizations with a structure and set of guidelines that will preserve the environment in a balance with socio-economic needs and adapt to changing environmental conditions. ISO 14001 is a globally recognized quality standard. Implementing an EMS and preserving the environment would enable a company to transition towards a more stable world.

By reducing pollution and negative climate impacts, the potential impact of environmental factors on the company, help in retaining regulatory compliance and adopting a lifecycle strategy, while providing financial and operational advantages at the same time.

The core focus of ISO 14001:

  • The consumer experience and how it can develop to the benefit of the company
  • Organizational efficiency, and involvement by management
  • Improving operating systems to reduce costs and minimize risks
  • Fine-tune management procedures to maximize resources and support business development

Being ISO14001 certified gives companies certain advantages over their competitors:

  • Added strategic advantage
  • Support to customers is strengthened
  • Increased efficiency, lower prices which contribute to higher operating income
  • Capacity to work in emerging countries, and access to new customers
  • Enables businesses to develop and put the processes in place to successfully handle the anticipated market development and maximize the return on investment.

Compliance of ISO 14001 will become a contractual requirement for customers in both the United States and the European Community (EC) for a variety of companies. To stay competitive on the global marketplace, every organization sets goals for putting up environmental protection systems that conform to ISO 14001 requirements. For certain businesses who have already received ISO 9001 registration, ISO 14001 registration is a sensible next move, because it is somewhat close to ISO 9001.

In addition to the promotional benefits of getting the certification ISO 14001, in the U.S, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) could have legislative incentives to help you, through its Common Sense Initiative (CSI) system for businesses certified to ISO 14001.

Is the certificate a good option for companies?

Most experts say that having an ISO 14001 certification makes companies become more efficient, believing that it encourages them to (positively) boost their market identity and enable firms to extend their manufacturing and distributor network. But really, is that the case? What are the advantages of ISO 14001 certification, from a legal and economic point of view? Might the credential just make businesses more competitive?

Nevertheless, increasingly larger certified businesses, especially in the US, are requiring their vendors and other organizations to receive certification within their supply chain to work with them. It’s also the same in the urban market, where communities usually need certificates of sustainability for their tender irrespective of their economic development policies. In reality, 13 percent of accredited companies also appear to hold those contracts that would have been missed if they had not gone through the certification phase – another indication of ISO’s increasing effect.

We may conclude that it’s becoming an essential and very important business standard that acts as a resource that businesses can use. And when it comes to your winning contracts, those who matter and are eligible will be much better off than if they do not.